Reserve Now for the 2019 WoodCreek Holiday Fête

Logo snow 300pxYou should by now have received the flyer for the WoodCreek Holiday Fête. It provides full details of the event and how to reserve your place. Please respond early. If you have misplaced your flyer, you can find it here. Remember, you can reserve and pay on-line too.


Concerned about our roads? You can help.

road prob2Last year Farmington Hills road repair funding was changed from − a system that required home owners to bear 80% of the cost − to a millage, which amortizes the cost across all city tax payers. Since then, the WoodCreek Civic Association by letter, phone calls and meetings has been urging the City of Farmington Hills to prioritize the remaking of the roads in the Hills section of WoodCreek, which all regard as dangerous and unacceptable.

Currently, WoodCreek is 23rd on the City’s priority list with an estimated start date for road renewal of 2023. The condition of our roads actually justifies a higher prioritization, but in order for repairs to be effective and lasting, drainage has to be addressed through culvert and other work estimated to cost $3-million and which is not part of the road repair budget.

The City is now considering some temporary “mill and fill” repairs. This type of repair is not normally used for roads that have deteriorated as much as those in the Hills. You can see some examples in WoodCreek Farms along Wellington, Millbrook and recently Village, where it has been used for preventive maintenance purposes.

road probThe WoodCreek Civic Association will continue to work with the City of Farmington Hills to improve our paving priority. You can help too. On the premise that the squeaky wheel gets the grease− especially with elections coming up in November − wherever you live in WoodCreek, if you are concerned about our roads, please contact the City and let those responsible know you are unhappy.

Some points you may wish to consider:

  • Safety. Chunks of lose alligator cracking pavement that is particularly prevalent on Hills roads often fly at high velocity from under vehicle tires, with the potential of serious injury to pedestrians and property damage.
  • Schools. Since the consolidation of other schools into Wood Creek Elementary, our roads have become community roads for buses and parents’ vehicles from all over our region, and so WoodCreek deserves a higher priority for road renewal than roads used largely for their residents and services alone.
  • Ratings. The City’s official rating for Hills roads is 2 (Very poor – reconstruction required) but areas can be found where the pavement rating is arguably 1 (Failed) and more areas will surely reach that level before 2023. (You can learn more about Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating System (PASER) with example photos here.)

    Some suggested contacts:

    Dave Boyer, City Manager (248) 871-2502
    Gary Mekjian, Assistant City Manager (248) 871-2510
    James Cubera, City Engineer (248) 871-2569

Our Halloween Spooktacular Pictures are now in the Gallery

Thanks to Nancy Jennings and her crew for puttin on yet another great party to celebrate Halloween in WoodCreek. As in other years, Tom Morris recorded the event on camera. You can see his pictures below and in our Gallery. Click or touch on a picture to enlarge it. You can also see them, and pictures from other events throughout the years elsewhere in our Gallery, which can be accessed through the main site menu.



Nixle Replaced by FH Alert


If you had signed up with the Nixle system to receive immediate alerts from Farmington Police about crime, traffic and Amber Alerts, you'll have noticed that it has been unusally quiet lately. That's because the City has contracted with a new company to provide the service and you will, unfortunately, have to sign-up again.

FH Alert has the benefit that you can choose from a list of subjects that you wish to informed about, such as: emergency alerts, city events, severe weather, fires, floods, emergency preparedness, road closures, water main breaks, warming cooling centers, parks and recreation activities, event cancellations, election notices, and more. You can change these choices at any time by logging into your FH Alert account.

Just as was the case with Nixle, to ensure access to vital information, messages will be sent via the participant's preferred contact paths including text, cell phone, home phone, and email. Residents with a landline phone are already listed in the Farmington Hills 9-1-1 database and will automatically be subscribed to FH Alert (for mass notifications only) via their home phone. If you do not wish to receive any mass notifications, FH Alert allows citizens to go online and opt out of the system entirely.

Check out other police and security issues on our Neighborhood Watch page.


Thanks and Good Luck to our Snow Lady – Cheryl

cherylThe WoodCreek Annual meeting agenda included an item: Snow Plow Report from Cheryl Jeffries, who is often known simply as our Snow Lady. Cheryl told us some good news; that there was not a single complaint received this year concerning the snow plow service we receive from Bob and Leslie's Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal, testament no doubt to Cheryl's good relationship with them.

Cheryl then went on to tell us what we selfishly took to be bad news. She and her husband intend downsizing and will be leaving WoodCreek in the near future, and as a result she has resigned her Board position as Snow and Beautification Chairperson.

We thank Cheryl for all she has done for WoodCreek throughout the years and wish her and her family good luck in their new home.

Cheryl finished her presentation by calling for someone to replace her. We're glad to say that by the end of the meeting a volunteer had already stepped forward. Thanks to Marc Wilkins for offering to take over from our Snow Lady. Will he now become WoodCreek's very own Snowman?


Little Free Library


Wood Creek Elementary and our Green Team recently installed a Little Free Library in the front of the school. We would LOVE to have the WoodCreek residents utilize the library. The way it works is: take a book, read a book, return a book, repeat. This is a great way to recycle books that you own and no longer want to keep in your house! It is a great way to pick up a new book! It is 'open' 24/7/365! The library is intended for adults as well as children.

Thanks to Dawn Smith, a teacher at Wood Creek Elementary, for this story. If you have any questions, Dawn invites you to contact her at: 



Some Future Dates to Note

Color Key:




Thu Nov 28th


Thu Nov 28th 9:00 am - 11:00 am


Tue Dec 3rd 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Sun Dec 8th 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

(For a full event listing, see our Calendar page)